Rose Eveleth is a masters student at New York University’s Science Health and Environmental Reporting Program.  You can find out more about her and her writing at



In working on social and environmental justice at UCSD and within the greater community, Erin Brodwin helped to found the first Student Lobby Corps at UCSD, re-establish the Student Worker Collective, work on Fair Trade and give it the potential to become a UC-wide policy, and helped to make March 4th an amazing collaboration between environmental and social justice endeavors to reclaim the University.  In the past, Erin worked as an intern at the AS External Affairs office and the Associate Vice President of Local Affairs. She is currently the Vice President of Students for Justice in Palestine, the co-founder of the Student Worker Collective, a member of One Earth One Justice, and the student representative on the University of California Student Association Sustainability Steering Committee. She enjoys swimming, reading, editing, cooking, writing, traveling, and photographing!

Mary Beth Griggs is a Masters Candidate at NYU’s Science Health and Environmental Reporting Program. She usually writes about really old rocks. See her work and blog at The Rocks Know




Jared Muscat‘s idea of environmental and social activism, seems to not be a choice or a question or an alternative style of life. That is to say, it is not some radical attempt at life, rather it is how life works-in order for those younger than me to enjoy Mother Gaia, he needs to tend to her. His favorite thing he has done at UCSD is working with The Sustainable Food Project over the last three years bringing an Urban Farm to campus! He is a writer and a surfer and his legends are other writers and surfers, but also musicians because they always seem to have an element of caring that might either be on the surface, John Lennon, or hidden beneath some aura, Dane Reynolds.  Check out his website, Manukans.

Interested in contributing?  Shoot me an email at rose(dot)eveleth(at)gmail(dot)com


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