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Article Discussing White Men, by a Straight White Man

Jared A Muscat

Over the 2008 – 2009 school year I had the distinct privilege of working alongside some of the most intelligent and dedicated individuals at UC San Diego.  Their passion, commitment, wisdom, and work ethic amazed me and inspired something within me that I hadn’t yet been able to find.  Now for the unexpected part, at least if you are a typical US citizen and are like me, a white guy: these colleagues, the ones who best impressed and inspired me were women.

My mother rose me from a young age to respect and treat women in the sincerest of manners.  I know that is a bit cliche, but it is the history of my life, and thus needs to be stated and explained.  She told me every little important anecdote that a young man needs to find the woman of his dreams.  I mean the small things from, “always open the door for a lady,” to the most important and necessary, like, “remember that a woman is a human, and she is just as smart, if not more so.”

From my first girlfriend in 2nd grade to the anonymous student I opened the door for in between meetings, my mom’s messages have remained embedded into my brain and my actions.  I have always made it not only a point to follow these actions and these lessons, but to make certain it they were noticed (I needed to make certain Momason saw).

I keep this up because you would have to be a complete idiot to say that the day-to-day living of men and women in modern (or any era) US culture is equal.  It’s harder for women, both physically and mentally.  If you don’t agree, I’ve got gloves.  Meet me at the flag pole, 4: 30 pm.  So, the majority of my colleagues are attractive females whom I see as incredible activists and role models, holding them in an echelon I very rarely place humans, and have held true to everything my mom taught me…I am an incredible feminist! Right?

Well, let’s explore that, shall we?

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