A Comic, a Website and a Press Release Walk Into a Bar…

Rose Eveleth

This is a comic about how the internet can ruin discussions about feminism. Artist Gabby explains how it started:

“The comic below is a compulsive response to a recent, entirely unremarkable little dust-up over on Twitter concerning the excruciatingly polite, brief comments of a certain cartoonist concerning the way dudes talk about women cartoonists — and the shitstorm of whiny nonsensical defensive outrage that inevitably followed, just like any other time anyone on the internet has ever hinted at the possibility that perhaps, maybe, women could be treated a little more like, you know, humans.”

Pink Stinks is dedicated to building role models for young girls – offering them an alternative to Paris Hilton.  I cannot express more support for their cause (including the name, I always hated pink).

A funny press release that, among other things, says “Men, women equally concerned about higher tuition, lower salaries.”  Huh, it’s funny how men and women can both be concerned about things like how they’ll pay off student loans when the jobs out there aren’t paying well.  I wonder if they have similar concerns about other basic problems too, like trying to open a chip bag in a quiet library or totally forgetting the person you just met’s name.  Gosh, maybe men and women aren’t so different after all!  Thanks Margaret Allen!


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