Round Up

Rose Eveleth

So, I’m already shirking my blogging duties, but here’s a roundup of interesting, sad, and exciting posts from the past week or so.

Wired decided to sell magazines by putting some boobs on their cover… cool.

Scientific American reminds us that “women have smaller brains, it’s science” is actually not based on good science at all.

Women with Aspergers (called Aspergirls, apparently) represent a very small – and very rarely discussed – proportion of the Aspergers community.  Are their challenges different than men with the same condition?  Yes, Silberman says, because “all women are taught to minimize their eccentricities by mimicking and echoing their peers.”

At Yale, fraternity brothers who joke about rape get to play the “Ivy League boys will be boys” card.

Men vote for the “hotter female candidate.”  In men, we look for “approachability” while in women we look for “hottness.”  Both really key skills for being the leader of a country of over 300,000,000 people.


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